Create Stunning 3D Renders

Create Stunning 3D Renders

3D Architectural Visualization Company

3DArchPreVision is a 3D architectural rendering company based in India. Our Architectural Rendering Studio team includes architects and 3D artists. Each have over 15 years of experience. Our firm is dedicated towards ensuring the delivery of top-notch quality and encouraging creativity. Within our Architectural Rendering Studio, we house expert 3D artists skilled in CGI and 3D animation. This is a pivotal aspect in the realms of design and marketing. This capability allows our clients to enhance and refine their designs effectively. As an Architectural Rendering Firm, we empower our B2B clientele to compete on a global scale for contracts. Our architectural rendering solutions serve a critical role in obtaining planning permissions and promoting projects across diverse media platforms.

About Us

Our Architectural Rendering Firm stands as one of the leading 3D architectural rendering companies in India. We are qualified architects and 3D artists with more than 15 years of experience. Our unwavering commitment is to deliver quality, innovation, and a high level of realism in all our projects.

Our Architectural Visualization Studio uses advanced software to create photorealistic 3D architectural visualizations. These technologies include AutoCAD 2024, 3DSMax 2024, Chaos VRay 6, and Adobe Photoshop. In addition, we use valuable tools like many Plugins and the High Quality Textures. This enables us to consistently produce high-quality results.

Advanced computer graphics and animations in architecture are crucial for marketing. It also aids in the initial design development.

Our 3D architectural rendering company in India delivers visually stunning, high-quality 3D architectural visualization solutions. These solutions help B2B clients compete for new contracts, boosting productivity. Our use of the latest software and ongoing skill development allows us to compete effectively on a global scale.

The 3D visualization solutions provided by our architectural rendering firm are invaluable. It helps in securing statutory planning permissions from relevant government authorities. They also serve as effective tools for initial project promotion.

3DArchPreVision | Breakdown of our workflow

  1. Receive Project Details: Gather project files and purchase orders in various formats, including DWG, DXF, PDF, and sketches.
  2. 2D to 3D Conversion: Transform 2D drawings into 3D models using advanced software.
  3. Add Realistic Elements: Apply colors, materials, and textures for a lifelike appearance.
  4. Lighting Setup: Create accurate lighting conditions based on project requirements.
  5. Enhance Realism: Generate shadows, reflections, and effects for a photorealistic look.
  6. Client-Specific Elements: Integrate client-provided materials, textures, and lighting preferences.
  7. Client Feedback: Share watermarked drafts for client review and adjust as per their feedback.
  8. Iterations for Satisfaction: Continuously refine the visualization until the client is satisfied.
  9. Final Rendering: Render the approved draft to meet resolution and format specifications.
  10. Project Delivery: Deliver the high-resolution 3D architectural visualization for various project applications.
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Services Offered by our 3D Architectural Rendering Company

  1. Exterior and Interior Visualizations: These visualizations focus on highlighting design elements and aesthetics for both the exterior and interior of buildings. They are crucial for presenting the overall look and feel of a project, emphasizing architectural details, materials, and colors.
  2. Interior Walk-throughs: Creating 3D videos that guide viewers through different areas of a virtual environment, providing a sense of spatial flow and design. Interior walk-throughs are invaluable for showcasing the layout and ambiance of interior spaces.
  3. Exterior Walk-throughs: These walk-throughs showcase architectural designs or projects from the outside. They provide viewers with a virtual “flight” around and through the building or space, allowing them to appreciate the exterior design and landscaping.
  4. 360-Degree Virtual Reality Tours: Offering an immersive experience that enables users to explore future projects interactively by navigating in all directions. 360-degree VR tours provide a highly engaging and interactive way for clients and stakeholders to experience a space as if they were physically present.
  5. PhotoMontage Visualizations: These visualizations seamlessly blend crafted photorealistic exterior renderings with actual photos of existing live environments. This technique creates a cohesive look, allowing clients to see how a new development will fit into an existing location.
  6. 3D Floor Plan Visualizations: Transforming 2D drawings into 3D representations helps clients better understand and emphasize the spatial aspects of a design. This service is crucial for conveying the layout and organization of spaces, making it easier for clients to visualize the flow and functionality of a design.

USP | 3D Architectural Rendering Studio

  1. Outstanding Quality: Providing high-quality, photo-realistic 3D architectural visualizations showcases your commitment to professionalism and the use of cutting-edge software.
  2. Fast Turnaround: Your efficient project management ensures quick delivery and modifications, which is crucial for meeting tight project deadlines.
  3. Latest Computer Hardware: Equipping your workstations with top-tier GPU cards speeds up project completion and shortens timelines, which can be a competitive advantage in the industry.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Offering competitive pricing, starting at just $150, appeals to cost-conscious clients and can be a strong selling point.
  5. Fast Client Responses: Promptly addressing client feedback and change requests, with quick turnaround times, demonstrates your dedication to client satisfaction and project efficiency.
  6. Reliable Customer Services: Availability across different time zones accommodates a global clientele and ensures clients’ inquiries and needs are met promptly.
  7. Free Project Estimates: Providing free project estimates based on initial client-provided details is a valuable service and can attract potential clients.
  8. Transparency & Clarity: Clearly defining project requirements and deliverables, along with a streamlined workflow, fosters transparency and trust in your client relationships.
  9. Flexibility: Accepting partially completed 3D models in various formats allows our Architectural Rendering Studio to work with clients who may have existing work and accommodates different client preferences.

Streamlined Workflow & Methodology

  • Receive Project Details: Collect project files and purchase orders, including architectural drawings and relevant documents.
  • 2D to 3D Conversion: Use software like AutoCAD and 3DS Max to transform 2D drawings into 3D models, serving as the foundation for visualization.
  • Enhance Realism: Apply colors, materials, and textures as per design specifications to ensure accurate visual aesthetics.
  • Lighting Scenarios: Create balanced lighting conditions, natural & artificial light, for realism.
  • Visual Effects: Add shadows, reflections, and other elements for a lifelike, photorealistic appearance.
  • Client-Specific Integration: Combine client-specified lighting, textures, and materials with your library resources to craft custom visualizations.
  • Preliminary Draft Sharing: Share watermarked drafts with the client for initial review and feedback.
  • Feedback Incorporation: Make changes to the renders based in Client Inputs and Preferences.
  • Iterative Review: Repeat steps 7 and 8 as necessary to ensure client satisfaction and meet their vision.
  • Final Rendering: Upon client approval, render the 3D architectural visualization in line with resolution, format, and DPI requirements. Deliver the final output.

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Please contact our 3D Architectural Rendering Studio, if you wish to avail our professional services. Taking a step forward with good intentions, we are ready to craft a single small-scale project with client-provided inputs for FREE. The created 3D render will be watermarked.