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3DArchPreVision | Blog Post | 3D Exterior Visualization | 3D Landscaping | Luxury Apartment | Chennai

3DArchPreVision | Blog Post | 3D Exterior Visualization | 3D Landscaping | Luxury Apartment | Chennai

Blog | 3D Exterior Visualization of a Luxury Apartment in Chennai

3D Exterior Visualization Luxury Apartments Chennai. 3D Exterior Visualization is the process of generating Photo-Realistic images from 2D drawings or 3D models, collectively called a scene file, by means of various computer software such as 3DSMax Design Suite, AutoCAD and various other plug-ins such as V-Ray etc. Also, the result can be called an 3D Architectural Rendering.

3D rendering or 3D Visualization involves the implementation of three-dimensional imagery using software as mentioned above, to create compelling interior and exterior visualizations for everything, which can include but not restricted to residential properties, commercial structures such as hotels, office buildings, shopping malls or entire downtown cityscapes. Our in-house 3D rendering experts can transform monotonous 2D drawings into appealing 3D visuals that will produce that all important “wow factor” and stimulate greater interest in your projects. We provide 3D exterior and interior renderings with a close attention to detail & realism, which our competitors seldom match.

In this project we have been helping our client, an Architect, to finalize the various design parameters cum aspects in terms of different design elements, colors, and finishes with our 3D Exterior Visualization services. We have also been helping this client finalize the landscaped terrace design. Please visit another Sample Blog Post for a different Project 3D Visualization.

This post contains a series of 3D Renders depicting the various design evolution as envisaged by the architect. The actual client was particularly interested in knowing the functionality and aesthetics of the yet to be constructed apartment before implementation. 


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