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Architectural PreVision – Process Work Flow

3DArchPreVision, a 3D Architectural Visualization Studio based in Chennai – India, provides 3D Photo Realistic Architectural Visualization services in India and across the globe.

The steps involved in generating 3D Architectural Visualization / Renderings are:

  • 3DArchPreVision receives the project requirements and materials from the client as DWG, DXF, PDF or Hand Drawn Sketches.
  • These 2D drawings are then converted to 3D model to produce the 3D Architectural Visualization.
  • Colors, materials & textures as suggested by the client are then applied to the model.
  • Life-like day / night lighting conditions based on the project requirement are the stimulated.
  • Shadows and reflections to achieve photo realism are then generated.
  • Elements such as foliage, vegetation, furniture, vehicles, clouds etc are added for the final picture perfect 3D Architectural Visualization.
  • 3DArchPreVision will send the first set of draft 3D Architectural Visualization (s) are then sent for your approval / feedback, with watermarking.
  • Update these 3D Architectural Visualizations / render(s) based on the feedback received from the client till their final approval.
  • Upon approval, the final high resolution 3D Architectural Visualization will be rendered and delivered.
  • For more details, please refer 3DArchPreVision FAQ’s.

Please note that 3D models made in SketchUp, ArchiCAD etc supplied by the client are also acceptable. The cost of the project is accordingly reduced.

Architectural PreVision – Local Address


S2 – Arcot House
No.1, Varadarajapuram
Poes Road, Teynampet
Chennai – 600 018, India
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S2 – Arcot House
No.1, Varadarajapuram
Poes Road, Teynampet
Chennai – 600 018, India.

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